Dr Tejaswinee Kelkar

Researcher in Music Technology, Data Scientist

contact: tejaswinee.kelkar[at]gmail.com

Tejaswinee Kelkar is a music technologist, teacher and vocalist. She holds an associate professor ii position at the University of Oslo, where she teaches in the Music, Communication and Technology masters program. She works as a data analyst at Universal Music Norway, working with programming tools for business intelligence for Norway and reporting solutions for other territories. She finished her PhD with the RITMO center of excellence at University of Oslo in November 2019. Her research interests are melodic cognition, motion-capture and musical-cultural analysis. Her doctoral thesis can be found here. Her research focus is on how aspects of melodic perception are illustrated through multimodality, and linguistic prosody.

Previously, she worked in the creation and development of an online virtual lab for teaching concepts of north indian music through the use of web audio, developing pedagogical tools and exercises for the web with the VLabs project. Her masters thesis was about gesturing and body movement in NICM, and clustering based spatial algorithms for raga display.

As a musician, she focuses on integrating her musical background with electronic involvement at every stage from composing new material to developing actuated materials to amplify a disembodied voice. She is interested in understanding the use of the voice as a disembodied, and distorted object.

She trained in north indian classical singing from a young age, and later, western classical composition. In addition to being a vocalist, she plays the harmonium and other instruments.


Last updated-> May 2022