Tejaswinee Kelkar

Musician and Researcher interested in melody and embodiment

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I am obsessed with melodies and melodic contour in speech and music. My PhD has been an attempt to understand melodic contour through the lens of embodiment, and how can melodic imagery be understood through body movement better.

I am a phd student with the RITMO center of excellence at University of Oslo , and a singer with an interest in melodic perception, and human body motion. I have a masters degree in computer science and have trained in north indian classical music, western classical composition, and play the harmonium and other instruments.

My PhD project is about melodic cognition using motion-capture and motion-annotations as the main tool to elicit our understanding of melodic contour, and prosody in music. I am also interested in musical chills, and melodic memory and indexing. Artistically, i am interested in improvisation, and recreation of the voice as a disembodied object.

My university webpage can be found here

Here is a link to a blog article about the recent camp I conducted for high school girls to learn about music tech.

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Analyzing Free-Hand Sound-Tracings of Melodic Phrases

Exploring melody and motion features in “sound-tracings”



Thesis Defense!!!
I am defending my PhD thesis on the 25th of November at Forsamlingssalen, Harald Scheldrups Hus, at Gaustad. Hope to see you there!


30th September-4th October Music Tech Bootcamp at IMV, UiO

19.10.19: Improverk:
I will be performing improvised music at Kafe Hærverk. A blurb:
Sanskriti Shrestha (NP) & Tejaswinee Kelkar (IN) + Chicago Connections (Ben LaMar Gay, Nick Mazzarella (US), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Jon Rune Strøm, Tollef Østvang)
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I will be performing in the Oslo World edition of Music Lab. A blurb:
Muscle music, artificial intelligence, and a human subwoofer? In our utopian edition of MusicLab you will experience truly experimental music.
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August 26: Workshop on Little bits at IMV, UiO


Visit this page for individual projects!

I have trained in the north indian classical music tradition, and perform off and on in Oslo and around.


Latest post: Conceptualizing music 'culture', can be read here.

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Latest post: Melodic cadence and Melodic modulation (in ghazal).

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