Dr Tejaswinee Kelkar

Musician and Researcher interested in melody and embodiment

Music Projects

MusicLab 4

Fotogalleriet Installation

PhD Day at UiO

mmm...Alone and All of her Sex

This performance piece will present a walk through often used ornaments and motifs in the North Indian semi-classical tradition of Thumri singing. Lauded for its expressive potential, the form of thumri - a romantic song-form that emerged in the 19th century, is sung in a few typical raags, that the artist can move in and out of. This song-form is known for its expressive style, and has a strong link with the singingdancing tradition of courtesans. Its expressivity and romance often renders it a feminine song-form, and the piece I will present today will explore these themes sideby-side with non-verbal vocal expression. Because of being able to change between ragas, and raga-affects, the form of thumri relies on ornaments and motifs that emerge from ragas. Due to their salience and repetition, themes from this song form are often very recognizable, as is the effect that these themes must have on the listener. In this performance, we will walk through a vocal expression dataset, which morphs into phrases from raga, going through the songform of Thumri.

Depot. Depository. Rays

Altering Fotogalleriet’s exhibition space into a sensorial installation, the exhibition Depot. Depository. Rays pointed towards alterations from an external to an internal perspective, where the possibility to withdraw and dedicate ones’ life to an idea comes as a natural response to crisis and disorder within a society or personal life. Sound installation in courtesy of Tejaswinee Kelkar and Petrine Vinje.