Dr Tejaswinee Kelkar

Musician and Researcher interested in melody and embodiment

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First Half 2020


Clearly, the following things didn't quite happen. Hope everyone is well during this time.

31.03.2020 Seks Solier concert in the VoxLAB vårfest this year at Melahuset Oslo on 31st of March kl 20:30! I will also be joining their afterparty improv jam session on 1st April!

19th March pupillometry workshop at RITMO. Pupillometry in a musical chills dataset


26 Feb - 4 Mar: Nordic SMC Short term scientific mission

I am on a short term scientific mission at Aalborg university Copenhagen working this week on analyzing some ornament playing movement data. I will post a report about this shortly!

06.02.2020 WoNoMute: Gibber + live coding med Tejaswinee Kelkar
I am teaching an open workshop on Gibber.cc ! Workshoppen er om live-coding, med utgangspunkt i Gibber, som er en digital gratis plattform for audiovisuell musikkfremføring og komposisjon.


24.01.2020 Plotting and Programming in Python @SWC-UiO
I am co-teaching an open workshop on plotting and programming in Python as a part of the software carpentry courses at Vilhelm Bjerknes Hus, UiO!

08.01.2020 Research Bazar Music and ML
I am teaching an open workshop on music and machine learning in python, as a part of the Research Bazaar 2020 workshops at Domus Juridica, UiO!

Second Half 2019


Music Hack Day India
I am participating in the music hack day happening at Mumbai, India on 14th and 15th of December! Two days of hacks, panel discussions, and an ALGORAVE evening!


Thesis Defense!!!
I am defending my PhD thesis on the 25th of November at Forsamlingssalen, Harald Scheldrups Hus, at Gaustad. Hope to see you there!

I will be performing in the Oslo World edition of Music Lab. A blurb:
Muscle music, artificial intelligence, and a human subwoofer? In our utopian edition of MusicLab you will experience truly experimental music.
Facebook Link Here


19.10.19: Improverk:
I will be performing improvised music at Kafe Hærverk. A blurb:
Sanskriti Shrestha (NP) & Tejaswinee Kelkar (IN) + Chicago Connections (Ben LaMar Gay, Nick Mazzarella (US), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Jon Rune Strøm, Tollef Østvang)
Facebook Link Here


30th September-4th October Music Tech Bootcamp at IMV, UiO

I write about the Girl Music Tech Camp here. I also compiled a list of equipment for beginners on this link.


August 26: Workshop on Little bits at IMV, UiO

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