Dr Tejaswinee Kelkar

Musician and Researcher interested in melody and embodiment



Feb. 2022: Talk at Singing Voice and Artificial Intelligence academic forum
Spring 2022: MCT 4053: Motion Capture

Press / Reviews:

Latest interviews:
Sept. 2021: Music is more than the sound waves: What you see and how you move affects what you here
Sept. 2021: Musikk er mer enn lydbølger: Hva du ser og gjør påvirker hva du hører
June. 2021: On Music Being Semantically Void
Jan. 2020: NTT: Noen forsker på musikk helt på ekte
Feb. 2014: A Cultural Musical Experience in The New Indian Express
Feb. 2014: Unapologetically Vocal - Feature in The Hindu

Latest reviews of artistic work:
Ballade: Voxlab - four-dimensional voice-festival
Scenekunst - An extended voice


Nov. 2021: Solo at Launch of Samora Forum issue on Digtal Fairness
Sept 2021: Oslo Melahuset Duo Konsert
Aug 2021: Two Body Problem: Duo performance at Voxlab Festival Extended Story with Cagri Erdem
July 2021: New Conception of Raga at Førdefestivalen
July 2021: Columbi Egg at Førdefestivalen
May 2021: Motvind Kulturlag
Feb 2021: Vinterfestivalen Rauland: A Duo Concert
Aug. 2020: New Conception of Raga at Melahuset


Courses and Teaching:
Fall 2021: MCT 4012: Research Methods
Spring 2021: MCT 4043: Music Related Body Movement
Feb. 2020: Gibber at Popsenteret
Jan. 2020: Music Processing and Machine Learning in Python
Jan. 2020: Plotting and Programming in Python (Software Carpentries Foundation)
Sept. 2019: Girls music Tech Camp
Aug. 2019: Little Bits Synth workshop


Latest articles:
- Substituting facial movements in singers changes the sounds of musical intervals: in Nature Scientific Reports.
- Body Data in Music Information Retrieval Tasks: In: Ras Z.W., Wieczorkowska A., Tsumoto S. (eds) Recommender Systems for Medicine and Music. Studies in Computational Intelligence, vol 946. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-66450-3_10
- PhD Thesis: Computational Analysis of Melodic Contour and Body Movement, 2019


- Mar, 2021.Music Production in a Data WorldGuest Lecture, Music, Technology, and Society, University of Oslo.
- Data visualization in Python.Music Hack Lab, University of Oslo.
- Python Toolboxes for Mocap Analysis,International Workshop on Motion Capture, RITMO, University of Oslo.
- Motifs in MelodiesPower of Motifs Conference, University of Oslo.
- Historical Performance and the Indian Musical Tradition.International Musicological Society Conference, TokyoUniversity, Japan. March, 2017.
- Tracing melodies: An observation study of hand movements to vocal phrases fromdifferent musical cultures.European Society for Cognitive Sciences of Music Conference. University of Ghent, Belgium. August 2017.


Oct. 2021: 'The Confinement of Computered Melodic Phrases (Article in Samora Forum issue on Digtal Fairness)
Oct. 2021: Panel Discussion on Music Technology Development in Norway at By:Larm festivalen
Sept. 2021: Speisa På Blå: A conversation about how music comes into being within different technological, interpersonal and societal frameworks. To the horror of some and the joy of others: There will be free improv!
Jan 2021: Tejaswinee Kelkar: Nordindisk Klassisk Musikk, Melodisk Kontur, Kroppsløs Stemme
Jan 2021: Tejaswinee Kelkar: Nordindisk Klassisk Musikk, Melodisk Kontur, Kroppsløs Stemme
Oct. 2018: Depot Depository Rays: Sound Installation at Fotogalleriet, Oslo


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